Our Story

Our Story

 I've enjoyed illustrating as far as I can remember. After high school I thought about becoming a cartoon artist, but decided in the direction of economics and technology. In spite of the career path I took, my main pursuit in life was to find how to live happily and share that with everyone else in the world. It gave me great satisfaction to put secret keys to happiness I researched over 20 years into a book "Rich in Happiness, 7 Steps to Living Happily for the Rest of Your Life".

Bopyo started, when we wanted to create happiness out of something cute. How about visually fun quality products people would proudly own? So I created Bopyo characters - for a business that would enrich you, and us as a family with our two little children. We are in the "Happiness Business", and that is who we are. If we at Bopyo can add a little bit of warmth and smiles to the world, we believe we've achieved our mission. 


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Founder and CEO of Bopyo,

- Alex Kim

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